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    Flights departing from Canada


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    Flights departing from Canada

    Post  VAL640 on July 10th 2010, 6:47 pm

    DepartureICAODestinationICAODist (mi)
    Edmonton, CanadaCYEGFort McMurray, CanadaCYMM249
    Edmonton, CanadaCYEGRegina, CanadaCYQR429
    Edmonton, CanadaCYEGVancouver, CanadaCYVR503
    Edmonton, CanadaCYEGSaskatoon, CanadaCYXE298
    Edmonton, CanadaCYEGCalgary, CanadaCYYC153
    Fredericton, CanadaCYFCHalifax, CanadaCYHZ162
    Fredericton, CanadaCYFCOttawa, CanadaCYOW443
    Fredericton, CanadaCYFCMontreal, CanadaCYUL349
    Halifax, CanadaCYHZFredericton, CanadaCYFC162
    Halifax, CanadaCYHZCharlottetown, CanadaCYYG99
    Halifax, CanadaCYHZBoston, USAKBOS413
    Kelowna, CanadaCYLWCalgary, CanadaCYYC248
    Fort McMurray, CanadaCYMMEdmonton, CanadaCYEG249
    Fort McMurray, CanadaCYMMCalgary, CanadaCYYC399
    Ottawa, CanadaCYOWFredericton, CanadaCYFC443
    Ottawa, CanadaCYOWQuebec, CanadaCYQB228
    Ottawa, CanadaCYOWMontreal, CanadaCYUL94
    Ottawa, CanadaCYOWBoston, USAKBOS309
    Ottawa, CanadaCYOWWashington, USAKDCA452
    Ottawa, CanadaCYOWWashington, USAKIAD450
    Quebec, CanadaCYQBOttawa, CanadaCYOW228
    Quebec, CanadaCYQBMontreal, CanadaCYUL144
    Quebec, CanadaCYQBToronto, CanadaCYYZ455
    Greater Moncton, CanadaCYQMMontreal, CanadaCYUL439
    Regina, CanadaCYQREdmonton, CanadaCYEG429
    Regina, CanadaCYQRWinnipeg, CanadaCYWG330
    Regina, CanadaCYQRCalgary, CanadaCYYC411
    Thunder Bay, CanadaCYQTWinnipeg, CanadaCYWG373
    Montreal, CanadaCYULFredericton, CanadaCYFC349
    Montreal, CanadaCYULOttawa, CanadaCYOW94
    Montreal, CanadaCYULQuebec, CanadaCYQB144
    Montreal, CanadaCYULGreater Moncton, CanadaCYQM439
    Montreal, CanadaCYULToronto, CanadaCYYZ315
    Montreal, CanadaCYULHartford, USAKBDL249
    Montreal, CanadaCYULBoston, USAKBOS254
    Montreal, CanadaCYULWashington, USAKDCA487
    Montreal, CanadaCYULNew Jersey, USAKEWR331
    Montreal, CanadaCYULWashington, USAKIAD489
    Montreal, CanadaCYULNew York, USAKLGA324
    Vancouver, CanadaCYVREdmonton, CanadaCYEG503
    Vancouver, CanadaCYVRPrince George, CanadaCYXS325
    Vancouver, CanadaCYVRCalgary, CanadaCYYC426
    Vancouver, CanadaCYVRPortland, USAKPDX250
    Winnipeg, CanadaCYWGRegina, CanadaCYQR330
    Winnipeg, CanadaCYWGThunder Bay, CanadaCYQT373
    Saskatoon, CanadaCYXEEdmonton, CanadaCYEG298
    Saskatoon, CanadaCYXECalgary, CanadaCYYC322
    Prince George, CanadaCYXSVancouver, CanadaCYVR325
    Calgary, CanadaCYYCEdmonton, CanadaCYEG153
    Calgary, CanadaCYYCKelowna, CanadaCYLW248
    Calgary, CanadaCYYCFort McMurray, CanadaCYMM399
    Calgary, CanadaCYYCRegina, CanadaCYQR411
    Calgary, CanadaCYYCVancouver, CanadaCYVR426
    Calgary, CanadaCYYCSaskatoon, CanadaCYXE322
    Calgary, CanadaCYYCVictoria, CanadaCYYJ452
    Calgary, CanadaCYYCSeattle, USAKSEA451
    Charlottetown, CanadaCYYGHalifax, CanadaCYHZ99
    Victoria, CanadaCYYJCalgary, CanadaCYYC452
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZQuebec, CanadaCYQB455
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZMontreal, CanadaCYUL315
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZBoston, USAKBOS445
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZCleveland, USAKCLE193
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZColumbus (OH), USAKCMH304
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZDayton, USAKDAY352
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZWashington, USAKDCA359
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZDes Moines, USAKDSM213
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZNew Jersey, USAKEWR347
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZWashington, USAKIAD346
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZIndianapolis, USAKIND439
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZWashington, USAKIND439
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZNew York, USAKLGA356
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZMilwaukee, USAKMKE418
    Toronto, CanadaCYYZChicago, USAKORD300

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