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    Setting up your FSPassengers for our airline


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    Setting up your FSPassengers for our airline

    Post  VAL640 on July 22nd 2010, 8:20 pm

    To set up FSPassengers for our airline, just follow these steps and you
    should be ready to go in a few minutes. If you are having difficulties,
    you can post them here and we'll help you out.

    Section #1 - Installing the VaFsPassengers.cfg file
      • Just simply copy and paste the file called "VaFsPassengers.cfg" to your ".../FsPassengers/config_va/" folder.

    Section #2 - Create Pilot and Company

      • Load Flight Simulator and create a flight so that you are in the game with an aircraft stopped with the parking breaks on.
      • Next select “Create new Company and Pilot” from the “FsPassengers” menu up top.
      • Click “Create new pilot”
      • Enter your Full Name, Birth Date, and then click “Create”
      • Next click “Create new company”
      • Enter “Flex-Air” as the Company Name
      • Foundation Date you can select the current date
      • Click “Next Step”
      • Select “Custom Settings” then click “Next Step”
      • Enter the following:
        o “Economic Mode” - CHECKED
        o Cash amount can be set to “$500,000,000
        o “Fleet income” - CHECKED
        o “Career Mode” – OPTIONAL
        o “Instant Record of Flight” - NOT CHECKED
        o “Fixed Failures Setting” – CHECKED
        o Select “Easy to Hard failures” and “5% chance of failure”
      • Click the button “Finish – Create Company”

    Section #3 - Selecting your New Company

      • Select “Select Active Company” from the “FsPassengers” menu up top.
      • From the drop-down list select “Flex-Air”
      • Click the button “Make selected the active company”

    Section #4 - Purchasing an Aircraft

    • Now you can buy your first aircraft for your company.
    • With your Flex-Air aircraft loaded, select “Company Manager” from the “FsPassengers” menu up top.
    • Next click the “Buy current FS Plane” button to the bottom right of the window
    • You
      will get a new window with a drop-down list with aircraft for sale.
      Select one from the list that is the best deal. Make the wise choice
      because buy a bad deal and you will have failures during flight

    Section #5 - Rename your Aircraft

    • Go to the "Company Manager" window and the "Company Aircraft" tab
    • Select the plane you want to rename
    • Click the "Rename selected plane" button
    • Type
      in the new name you want to give your aircraft. It will consist of your
      aircraft type NO LIVERY NAME, and add your call-sign at the end. See
      example in image below.
    • Click "Rename aircraft"

    Section #6 - Starting your Flight

      • Now you can buy your first aircraft for your company.

      With your Flex-Air aircraft loaded, select “FsPassengers Flight ->
      Start Flight – Load Aircraft” from the “FsPassengers” menu up top.
      • Select your pilot in the “Active Pilot” list

      Drag the slider for the fuel to the amount needed and remember that
      FsPassengers requires you to have sufficient fuel reserves upon landing
      (45 minutes of fuel)
      • Next you can drag the slider(s) for your passengers and cargo.
      • Important thing to remember is to keep your Aircraft Load 100% or less.

      Now you can click the “Set Destination” button. In this window you will
      type in the ICAO code (for example – the ICAO for Dorval-Montreal is
      • You can enter how long your flight will take in the “Flight Duration” lists.
      • Now you will need to set your Flight ID. This is your unique ID, which is your call-sign more or less.
      • Click the “Set Flight ID” button to complete this window. See example in the image below.
      • Lastly you will click either “OK – Load Immediately” or “OK – Real time load”.
      • After a couple of clicks you will be back into your aircraft and ready to go.

    Section #7 - Exporting your Flight

      Once your flight is done and completed. Unload your passengers and then
      With your Air Canada aircraft loaded, select “Virtual Airlines”, then
      “Flex-Air”, then Export Flight to VA” from the “FsPassengers” menu up
      • This will export your flight to our web site stats page.
      • Now you’ve completed your flight with FsPassengers with our Virtual Airline.
      • Don’t forget to close your flight in the “Flight Scheduler” if you opened a flight there.

    Thank you for flying Flex-Air…

    Chief Information Officer
    Virtual Air Labrador

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