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    Does anyone even care anymore?


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    Does anyone even care anymore?

    Post  VAL632 on March 28th 2010, 8:56 am

    I have been posting for weeks now and it seems like not one single member, with the exception the original 3 musketeers, is even bothering to check the forums for anything! I mean, I post events, pictures, videos. And none of our members ever mak a comment, or remark about anything.

    Even on flight nights when the nights activities have been posted a week in advance, no one knows whats happening when they come online. Obviously this leads me to believe that no one is bothering to even look at the forum. Myself and 640/636 take the time to post these threads, the least our members can do is take the time to read them.

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    Re: Does anyone even care anymore?

    Post  VAL640 on March 28th 2010, 5:15 pm

    I hear ya... I keep an eye out, but there's never any activity. Email is always an easier means of communication. But forums are always a better solution because it is easier to get a cross communication going. And with a forum you can organize messages too. You can post polls, images, videos, etc.

    My understanding is that many people take flight sim and flight night a casual thing. It is something were they can pop in and out for flights and also have fun chatting with the guys. We have a little more time to sink into research and organization of the flight nights and what happens in between.

    But some others, I'm guessing just have the time to spare to fly with us. I'm ok with this. Flying is a passion for me and what time I spend into the group is for the joy of flight and I love the creation process. And also to help make our flight nights as fun as possible. I imagine this is your goal too. My main goal is to have the guys join us when we fly and leave entertained and satisfied with our flight and our witty comments. Cool

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    My response

    Post  Canforce 019 on March 28th 2010, 7:54 pm

    I agree with Steve and his views and as well with summer coming around the corner and outside activities activities will probably diminish somewhat again.

    I never joined the site cause I thought with all the e-mail activity going on that was the way you guys were communication. ( I just deleted approximately 35 or 40 e-mails from all of you just 10 minutes ago!!)

    So I guess that if you have the site and the tools to utelize it, then we should refer to the site and just post there......and if were flying on Tuesdays and some one hasn't checked the flight deck for that evening then it's up to them to go back and check it out and come back into the session. However this now creates the fact that some one must post the flight of the night or all this reverts back to what were going through now.

    I really enjoy the sessions and the casualness of the flying and the group as a whole get along very well together wether re flying by protocol or just by the seat of our pants and laughing all night and I think thats what really makes it.

    So I'll check it now every two days or so and see what happens!!



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    Re: Does anyone even care anymore?

    Post  VAL636 on March 30th 2010, 12:16 pm

    The thing to remember about the forums, I think, is that it is organized in a way that makes it very simple to look back thru the history. For example...where did we fly 2 weeks ago, lets go back to "FLIGHTPLANNING" and have a look.

    As far as flight planning... usually 632 makes scenic suggestions for us and puts quite a bit of effort into making it presentable and entertaining.

    Gotta keep it Canadian tho eh 632?

    Number of posts : 89
    Age : 47
    Localisation : Ottawa
    Registration date : 2009-11-26

    Re: Does anyone even care anymore?

    Post  VAL632 on March 30th 2010, 12:18 pm

    For the most part yes, keeping it Canadian is the goal, but on occasion a flight into a more diverse area is fun too! Thats why Flight sim gave us 25,000 airports to pick from!

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    Re: Does anyone even care anymore?

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